Longitudinal Study Institutions Code 1971-1985

1 NHS hospitals with GP maternity beds but no obstetric department
  All other NHS hospitals, except psychiatric
101 General Hospitals, acute (include "mainly acute" and "partly acute")
102 General Hospitals, longstay (include "mainly longstay")
103 Maternity Hospitals and homes (excluding those under code 001 above)
104 Convalescent and pre-convalescent hospitald and homes
105 Nursing homes
106 Special hospitals*
107 Special hospitals - Geriatric
108 Special hospitals - Rheumatism
109 Special hospitals - Young disabled
110 Chronic sick hospitals
111 Sanatoria
112 Isolation hospitals
113 Rehabilitation Centre
  Institutions for the care of the mentally sick
201 Psychiatric Hospitals
202 Mental deficiency institutions
203 Psychiatric nursing homes
204 Homes for mentally defective children (excluding backward children
301 Psychiatric Hospitals and Mental Illness
302 Mental deficiency institutions
303 Psychiatric nursing homes
304 Homes for mentally defective children (excluding backward children
305 Criminal lunatic asylum
  Institutions for the care of the sick not under NHS (excluding psychiatric)
401 General nursing homes
402 Maternity hospitals and homes
403 convalescent hospitals and homes
404 Nursing homes for aged and chronic sick
405 Special hospitals
406 Chronic sick hospitals
407 Sanatoria
408 Military hospitals and military families hospitals
409 Nursing home (abortion clinic)
  Other institutions - all other institutions
501 Part III accomodation
502 Aged Persons homes (Part IV)
503 Approved schools
504 Boarding schools
505 Borstal Institutions
506 Children's Homes
507 Children's Hospital Schools
508 Common Lodging Houses
509 Convents
510 Displaced persons hostels
511 Epileptic colonies
512 Homes for incurables
513 Homes for inebriates
514 Holiday homes
515 Homes for unmarried mothers
516 Institutions for the blind
517 Institutions for the deaf and dumb
518 Monasteries
519 Orphanages
520 Prisons
521 Probation hostels
522 Reception centres (Part II)
523 Rehabilitation centres
524 Remand homes
525 Residential nurseries
526 Residential universities and colleges
527 Student hostels
528 Non-NHS mental institutions
529 Nurses homes
530 Non-NHS homes for the physically handicapped and disabled
531 Schools for mentally handicapped children
532 Schools for physically handicapped children
533 Hostels for young people
534 Miscellaneous hostels including religious retreats
  At home
601 Private house
701 Elsewhere
801 Not otherwise specified


BLANKS Includes some institutions not coded for the LS.

* Includes:- Dental Paediatric Dermatology Orthapedic ENT Rehabilitation Eye Radiotherapy Gynaecology Urology and Nephology