Derived variables: correction to 'staff' misclassified as residents in communal establishments


Name of derived variable: CERESID0
Variable label: Corrected position in communal establishment 2001

1 "Staff or owner"
2 "Relative of staff or owner"
3 "Other eg resident, patient, student"
-4 "Not applicable (in private household)"

Derived from: POSP0, AGEP0, AGEPIMP, ECOP0, ECOPIMP (all in ME01)
Study group: All enumerated in communal establishments
Likely uses: A systematic error is strongly suspected in recording the status of frail residents of communal establishments in 2001. The problem appears to be that some staff who completed individual 2001 Census forms on behalf of residents ticked 'staff or owner' as the 'position in establishment'.

The suggested adjustment for researchers wishing to analyse residents separately from staff (or vice versa) is to reclassify as residents all staff who are (a) aged 0-15, OR (b) aged 75 or over, OR (c) aged 16-74 and economically inactive. The STATA code supplied here puts this into effect. For further information see Bajekal M et al, Health Statistics Quarterly 31 page 42.

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Last modified 19 September 2011