Derived variables: country of birth from any census, harmonised using 2001 categories

Offered here is a recode of the country of birth variable at each census into 2001 categories; new categories have been added where there is no equivalent in 2001. Optional code follows which takes the 2001 value as first choice, but replaces it with the value from 1991, 1981 or 1971 (in that order of preference) if the 2001 value is missing or imputed. The variable is not (much) grouped.


Name of derived variables: COB7_01CAT, COB8_01CAT, COB9_01CAT, COB0_01CAT, COB01HARM
Variable label: Country of birth from census: harmonised to 2001 categories

Numerous; see STATA code

Derived from: COBP0, COBPIMP (in ME01), CORENO plus any or all of COB9 (in ME91), COB8 (in ME81) and POB7 (in ME71)
Study group: All enumerated at any Census but mainly of use if the LS member was present in 2001
Likely use: A quick way of supplying an earlier value where country of birth is missing or imputed in 2001; also could be used to quickly identify people whose reported country of birth has changed.

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Last modified 28 July 2011