Derived variables: country of birth of LS baby's mother



Name of derived variable: MOPLPRE92 (1971-1991), MOPLFR92 (1992-2007), MOPLFR07 (2007 onwards)
Variable label: Country of birth of LS member's mother, recorded at registration of LS member's birth (NBIR table)

See STATA or SPSS code. The categories are very numerous and this code does not group them.

Derived from: MOPLBINB (in NBIR)
Study group: Mothers of live births in England and Wales on any LS birthday since Census Day 1971

1. The coding of MOPLBINB has used three distinct coding schemes: one from 1971 to 1991, one from 1992 to 2006 and one from 2007 onwards. It is therefore essential to use MOPLBINB in conjunction with BIYRANB (year of birth registration); the code offered here does this.

2. The coding schemes used are broadly those recorded in the Data Dictionary for 1981 Country of Birth, 1991 Country of Birth and 2001 Country of Birth, but with some differences in coding and extra codes.

3. The same coding scheme has been used for other Events tables and it is believed that this code could be adapted for use with them (by changing the name of the Country of Birth variable and the Year of Registration variable) but this has not been tested.

4. Code is offered in STATA and in SPSS. Each produces three variables; these are numeric in the STATA version and string in the SPSS version.

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Last modified 28 July 2011