Derived variables: economic activity in 1991


Name of derived variable: EPSCLAS9
Variable label: Combined economic position and social class at 1991 Census
Categories: 1 "Professionals"
2 "Managers"
3 "Skilled non-Manual"
4 "Skilled manual"
5 "Part skilled manual"
6 "Unskilled"
7 "Armed forces"
8 "Other employed"
9 "Unemployed - economically active"
10 "In education (students and all aged <15)"
11 "Housewives/husbands"
12 "Other inactive"
Derived from: ECONPO89, SCLAS9
Study group: People aged 16-69, present at 1991 Census. For example, all cases from table CORE1 for whom DOBYR is between 1921 and 1976, and for whom HISCEN91 (presence at 1991 Census) is 1, 2 or 3.
Likely uses: Expands economic activity by specifying social class for people currently working full or part time (except that working students are coded as students). For people of working age only. Compatible with EPSCLAS8.

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Last modified 11 June 2009