Note on economic activity in 2001 for LS members not aged 16-74 years

ECOP0 only applies to LS members aged 16-74 at the 2001 Census; those aged 0-15 or 75+ are coded -9 (no code required). They should also, if necessary, have been recoded to 0 (not imputed) at ECOPIMP, but in a small proportion of cases this has not occurred.

You may wish to correct this. The variable ECOPIMP should be recoded from 1 to 0 if the following conditions apply:
AGEP0 = 0 to 15, or AGEP0 = 75 to 120
and AGEP0 is not missing
and AGEPIMP = 0.

In STATA the code would be:
replace ECOPIMP=0 if (AGEP0<16 | AGEP0>74) & AGEP0~=. & AGEPIMP==0

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Last modified 29 April 2009