Derived variables: ethnic group based on country of birth reported in 1971


Name of derived variable: ETHGRP7
Variable label: Ethnic grouping at 1971 Census

1 "White”
2 "Black or mixed"
3 "Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Sri Lankan"
4 "Chinese, Japanese, Far East"
5 "Other"

Derived from: POB7, POBM7, POBF7 (in ME71)
Study group: People present at 1971 Census
Exclusions: None
Notes: The training module on ethnicity describes the ethnicity variables ETHOR7 and ETHORX7 (constructed from country of birth and analysis of surname). This code provides an alternative for cases not covered by these variables. Comparison of the results with those from ETHORX7 show modest differences.
The code assigned here is based on the LS member's country of birth unless both his/her parents are born in a different country in which case this takes precedence. It can be reproduced for other members of the LS member's household in 1971 (using NPOB7, NPOBM7 and NPOBF7).

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Last modified 4 October 2011