An important note: General health 2001

Analysts using the variable HEAP0 (general health in 2001) should note that where HEAP0 is missing, a value of 1 ('Good health') has been applied if the respondent has a valid code for economic activity. This took place during editing of Census data and before imputation. It applies both to LS sample members and other household members. Valid codes for economic activity include not only people in employment, but also (for example) those for whom no code was required because they were aged 75 or over, or who were economically inactive because of long term illness or disability.

The implications of this editing for findings are explored in a technical paper by Julian Buxton et al. This paper also considers the effect of a similar editing rule which was applied to HELP0 (carer status 2001).

In the main dataset there is at present no flag to identify cases which have been edited in this way. However, ONS staff may be able to supply one; if you would find this helpful, please raise the question with your User Support Officer.

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Last modified 11 October 2010