Derived variables: household employment in 1991


Name of derived variable: HHEMP9
Variable label: Household employment status in 1991
Categories: 1 "At least one household member in employment"
2 "No household member in employment"
Derived from: ECONAEM9, ECONPO9, URESIND9 (all in ME91)
Study group: All at 1991 Census
Exclusions: LS members who are not enumerated at their usual address, or who are enumerated in a household where there is no usually-resident adult, will receive a missing code at HHEMP9

'In employment' includes self-employment or employment on a government training scheme.
'Household member' means someone usually resident in the household.

The STATA code includes an optional section which will use the LS member's own employment status as an indicator for household employment status, if the latter is missing.

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Last modified 29 April 2009