Derived variables: household composition


Name of derived variable: HOUSEFAM9
Variable label: Living arrangements at 1991 Census
Categories: 1 "Solitary"
2 "Couple only"
3 "Couple plus child(ren)"
4 "Couple plus other(s), not children"
5 "Couple plus child(ren) plus other(s)"
6 "Lone parent plus child(ren)"
7 "Lone parent plus child(ren) plus other(s)"
8 "Multi-family household"
9 "Plus other(s), not spouse or child"
10 "Plus parent(s), not spouse or child"
11 "Communal establishment"
12 "Other" (includes staff of communal establishment and people with more than one usual address)
Derived from: HHFMTYT9, MHUCOM9, GENINFM9, RESCLAS9, URESIND9 (table ME91) and HISCEN91 (table CORE1)
Study group: Everyone enumerated at the 1991 Census
Exclusions: Of those enumerated at the 1991 Census, 2.35% will be coded missing in this variable. Most of these are people who were visitors in a household, plus a few others with multiple enumerations.
Notes 'Couple' means married or cohabiting couple. 'Child' means a never-married person of any age who is living with a parent and is not in a co-residing couple or the parent, step-parent or grandparent of any other household member.

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Last modified 29 April 2009