Derived variables: household identifier for 1991


Name of derived variable: HHID91
Variable label: Household identifier for 1991 Census
Derived from: EDCODE9 and FORMNUM9, both restricted variables in table ME91x (permission must be obtained to use them and the user will only be permitted to see the results of that use, not the restricted data itself)
Study group: Everyone enumerated at the 1991 Census
Likely uses: One possible use is where the analyst is studying a particular grouping in the household. For example, to study married couples one might take a sample of LS members who were married with a co-resident spouse. However, if both spouses in a marriage were LS members then that particular marriage would be represented twice in the dataset; to identify these double representations, a household identifier would be needed.
Notes The derived variable will be a string variable; this means some STATA commands (such as SUMMARISE) will not work with it.

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Last modified 29 September 2010