Derived variables: region


Name of derived variable: REGION91
Variable label: Standard Region (i.e. 1974 boundaries) at 1991 Census, with inappropriate cases deleted and an option to show Inner and Outer London separately
Categories: 1 "Northern"
2 "Yorkshire & Humberside"
3 "North West"
4 "East Midlands"
5 "West Midlands"
6 "East Anglia"
7 "South East"
8 "South West"
9 "Wales"
10 "Inner London"
11 "Outer London"
Derived from: SRGUAEA9 (table ME91) and DI9 (ADDME91)
Study group: People usually resident in England or Wales at 1991 Census
Exclusions: Six people aged 15 or over at 1991 have missing codes at SRGUAEA9. There are a further 11 cases where SRGUAEA9 was -9 and so is region9.
Likely uses: Work on regional migration or on London. Compatible with REGION71, REGION81 and REGION01.

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Last modified 29 April 2009