Derived variables: religion


Name of derived variable: RELIGION
Variable label: Religion at 2001 Census, grouped into 8 categories
Categories: 1 "Christian"
2 "Buddhist"
3 "Hindu"
4 "Jewish"
5 "Muslim"
6 "Sikh"
7 "Other religion"
8 "No religion"
-8 "Not stated (NB answering this question was optional)"
Derived from: RELP0 (in ME01). Derivation doesn't use all the RELP0 values as some have no cases.
Study group: Everyone enumerated at 2001 Census
Exclusions: Besides those who chose not to answer the question, approximately 1,800 LS members were coded -9 (no code required) at RELP0. These cases will be missing at RELIGION.
Imputation: Religion was not imputed in 2001.
Likely uses: The first time a question on religion has been included in the Census of England and Wales.

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Last modified 13 June 2011