Base for table

This table includes all LS members enumerated at the 2001 Census and aged 16-74 years at that Census, EXCEPT:

NB The age restriction of 16-74 years was applied using variable AGEP0 which contains imputed values; these could have been identified using variable AGEPIMP but this was not considered necessary for this purpose.

For this table, LS members with an imputed value for social class or highest qualification are shown separately.

Construction of variable: NSSEC in 2001

This variable is based on NSSP0 in table ME01. NB: Only people aged 16 to 74 years had to answer questions about their economic status or work in the 2001 Census. The variable was constructed as follows:

Construction of variable: highest qualification in 2001

This variable is based on HLQP0 but uses codes 5 and 6 at QUP0 to distinguish degree- or higher-level qualifications; these variables reflect the classifications of the National Qualifications Framework. NB: Only people aged 16-74 years had to report their qualifications in the 2001 Census.