Base for table

This table includes all LS members enumerated at the 2001 Census, EXCEPT:

For this table, LS members with an imputed value for either of the two variables were NOT excluded.

Construction of variable: NSSEC in 2001

This variable is based on variable NSSP0 in table ME01. NB: Only people aged 16 to 74 years had to answer questions about their economic status or work in the 2001 Census; therefore people outside this age range will appear as 'not classified' below. The variable was constructed as follows:

Construction of variable: highest qualification in 2001

This variable is based on HLQP0 but uses codes 5, 6 and 10 at QUP0 to distinguish HNC, HND, degree- or higher-level qualifications; these variables reflect the classifications of the National Qualifications Framework. NB: Only people aged 16-74 years had to report their qualifications in the 2001 Census.