Base for table

This table includes every LS member enumerated at the 2001 Census who fulfils all these conditions:

For this table, LS members where either parent had an imputed value for 'highest qualification' were excluded.

Construction of variable: Highest qualification in 2001

This variable is based on NHLQP0 in the NM01 table; this variable reflects the classifications of the National Qualifications Framework. NB: Only people aged 16 to 74 years had to report their educational or professional qualifications in the 2001 Census. The variable was constructed as follows:

Identifying parents

Other household members were considered to be the LS member's parents if they were coded either 6 (parent) or 14 (parent or step-parent) at LSRELAT0. LSRELAT0 is a derived variable indicating relationship of another household member to the LS member, based on data from the Relationship Grid in the 2001 Census questionnaire.