Base for table

This table includes every LS member enumerated at the 1991 Census who fulfils all these conditions:

A household member was considered to be the LS member's parent if he or she was coded 7 (parent) or 26 (parent or unrelated) at NLSRELT9. NLSRELT9 is a derived variable indicating relationship of an 'other household member' to the LS member, as far as it can be determined from the Census question on relationship of each household member to the Household Reference Person.

Construction of variables: Highest qualification in 1991

This variable is based on NQMLVHQ9 in the NM91 table; this variable reflects the classifications of the National Qualifications Framework. NB: At the 1991 Census the question on qualifications only concerned those obtained from the age of 18 years. The variable was constructed as follows: