Base for table

This table includes all female LS members enumerated at the 2001 Census who were then aged 16 or over. Those enumerated in communal establishments are included; they may be staff, family of staff or inmates.

NB: Age (at 2001) and sex were amended if the 2001 value was imputed or disagreed with the values in the 1991 Census (if available) and the Core file.

This table excludes cases with imputed values at marital status or economic activity.

Construction of variable: economic activity status in 2001

This table uses the variable ECOP0 in the table ME01 unaltered except that some values have been grouped:

'Unclassified' cases include people who have never worked as well as those who did not respond to the questions about economic activity in the 2001 Census.

ECOP0 was only coded for people aged 16-74 years.