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Using 1991 census data retrospectively

We have seen that the 1981 country of birth data do not provide a reliable indicator of ethnicity. Another option is to use the 1991 data on ethnicity for the same LS member back in 1981.

Not all LS members present in 1981 were subsequently present in 1991. They might have died or emigrated during the intervening period, they might not have completed a census form, or their census return might not have been matched to their LS record. For such people there are of course no 1991 ethnicity data available. Therefore, the 1991 ethnicity data will only be useful if a sufficiently large proportion of LS members were present in both 1981 and 1991.

So, if we use 1991 data retrospectively, how many people from 1981 will we miss? Use the buttons below to select row or column percentages, and click 'Show' to pop up a table of the number of LS members for each 1981 country of birth according to their presence at the 1991 census.

Percentages: Row Column

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