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The results of this study were as follows, for all study subjects:

In line with previous studies, only a minority of the subjects (16%) moved away from London at retirement, with a majority of those going to other parts of the South-East or to the East of England. A similar proportion again moved, but only within London. There are no significant differences between the sexes.

The same results, when broken down by economic status of spouse, are as follows:

The results broken down by economic activity of spouse show that study subjects with an economically active spouse are indeed more likely to stay put and not move upon reaching retirement age. However, these subjects constitute a minority, and the effect does not appear to have greatly skewed the overall results.

Obviously, this is a very limited study which we include here for the purposes of illustration. It might be interesting to look at the results for other age groups, to see if these migration patterns are unique to those of retirement age, or whether they are in fact indicative of a general trend in migration across all age groups.