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Results by age

Now let's break the results down by age, into two age groups: people aged 65 to 75 years, and those aged above 75 years.

The results for the first cohort show that the older age group is the one whose members are more likely to be living with adult children in 1981 (27% vs. 15% of all the subjects in each group).

Again, the second cohort shows similar characteristics to the first.

However, there is a notable increase in the proportions of people living alone at the end of follow-up. In the 71-81 cohort, 47% of the older group were living alone by the end of follow-up, but in the 81-91 cohort, it was 59% of the older group. This change was mirrored by a similar decrease in the number of people living with their adult children at the end of follow-up.