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Results for the South-Eastern region

The following buttons show the equivalent tables for the South-East region of England.

Percentages: Row Column
Percentages: Row Column
Percentages: Row Column

The column percentages show more people in the higher Social Classes than we saw in the Northern region, but the change between 1971 and 1991 is similar. Again there is an increase in the proportion of people in Social Class II, with a corresponding decrease in Class IIIN and a big decrease in those not coded to one of the Classes I to V.

Looking at the individual columns, we can see a greater than average shift out of the lower Social Classes for those in the "no car access / private rental" and "no car access / social rental" categories, but without the corresponding growth of the middle Social Classes that we saw in the Northern region. There is also a greater than average shift into Social Class II for people in the "car access / private rental" group, and a similar shift out of Class IIIN for those the "car access / social rental" category.

The row percentages show that the proportion of people in the "car access / owner-occupier" group has risen, though the rise is much less marked than it was in the Northern region, going from 40% in 1971 to 67% in 1991. There were significant decreases in all the other categories, just as in the Northern region.

The patterns in the individual rows are very different to those in the data for the Northern region. Here we see a decrease in the size of both the "no car / private rental" and "no car / social rental" categories for the middle and lower Social Classes.