Students in the 1981 census

The 1981 census was held during term-time, so most students would have been at their term-time address.

The 1981 census form specified that students living away from home during term-time should put their home address as their usual address. In such cases, students enumerated at their term-time addresses were classed as visitors at that address.

However, the data in the LS show that in fact 93% of students were enumerated at their "usual" address. This suggests that either they regarded their term-time address as their usual address, or else that they were in fact at home at the time of the census. Therefore, in 1981 it is not possible to determine whether a student's household information applies to their home address or term-time address.

Students in private households took the household information of that address, but those in communal establishments (e.g. halls of residence) could not. The proportion of all students in the LS at 1981 who were enumerated in communal establishments was 631 out of the 16773 (4%).

Students away from home during term time were also entered as usually resident on a census form at their home address. This information, including household data, is on the "absent, usually resident members" file, though as we have seen it is not often used in practice.

Students aged 16 or over can be identified by the variable ECONACT8. See the data dictionary for details.