Students in the 2001 census

Information at the 2001 Census was collected on the basis of usual residence; it was not collected for visitors. Students and schoolchildren at their home address were asked to complete all the questions if they lived there during term-time. If they lived elsewhere during term-time, they were only asked to complete the first five questions (sex, date of birth, marital status, relationships). They were not included in families, household size and household composition variables. A student living away from home was fully enumerated at their term-time address.

The variable STUP0 identifies whether an LS member is a full-time student or schoolchild, and TTIND0 indicates whether they were at their term-time address or not.

For economic variables, ECOP80 places full-time students in a separate category regardless of whether they were economically active or not (and so is consistent with ECONACT8 and ECONPO89), and NS-SEC (National Statistics Socio-Economic Classification) also has a category for full-time students regardless of economic activity. ECOP0 allows students to be economically active or inactive.