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Study subjects

Since all the data we are using come from the census, all that is required of our study subjects is that they are present at the census from which we are taking the cross-section.

However, since we are going to be looking at housing tenure, those members for whom the household information is inappropriate or absent will be excluded from the study. That is, anyone who completed an individual census form (such as those in communal establishments), and any visitors (assuming we choose not to use any absent members' records).

The table below shows the number of female LS members aged 15-19 who were present at each of the 1971, 1981 and 1991 censuses. The second column shows the effect of the exclusions described above.

Group No. in LS No. in LS, minus exclusions Proportion excluded
Women 15-19 years 1971 17298 16334 5.6%
Women 15-19 years 1981 21246 20364 4.2%
Women 15-19 years 1991 17208 16001 7.0%

Data extracted from LS 05/05/03.

You can see that excluding these groups does not seriously reduce the sample size in this case.