LS variable metadata
Variable: DOBD001
Table: CORE1
Short description: 1st indicator of discrepant date of birth.
Full description: This is the first of 6 possible discrepant date of birth indicator fields. It indicates a discrepancy between the 'core' date of birth stated at initial entry to the LS sample and other dates of birth held for an LS member within the system. Each subsequent discrepancy found is noted in the next discrepancy indicator up to a maximum of six. Values are taken from the created record type where the discrepancy was noted.
Coding notes:  

Coding scheme

-9No discrepant date of birth
12001 Census LS member
32001 Census multiply-enumerated LS member
311981 Census LS member
331981 Census Absent usually Resident LS member
411991 Census LS member
431991 Census absent but usually resident LS member
52Live birth to sample mother
53Still birth to sample mother
54Live birth to sample father
55Still birth to sample father
56Death of LS member
57Widow(er)hood of LS member
58Infant death to sample mother
59Cancer registration of LS member
60Enlistment of LS member
61Embarkation of LS member
62Re-entry to sample of LS member
63Immigration of LS member to NHS
64Long stay psychiatric
65Internal migration Inter-FPC moves
66Stillbirth to sample mother
67Infant death to sample father
68Stillbirth to sample father
811971 Census Ward data
821981 Census Stats Ward data

Units of measurement:  
Former name of variable: DOBDISC
Derived: Y
Derivation: Not available
Date range:  
Comparable variables for other individuals: DOBD002,DOBD003,DOBD004,DOBD005,DOBD006,DOBDISC0
Comparable variables for other times:  
Restricted: N
Data type: Numeric
Length of field: 2