LS variable metadata
Variable: ESTTYPDE
Table: DETH
Short description: Establishment type where death of LS member occurred (1993 onwards).
Full description: The code in this field indicates the type of communal establishment in which the death took place, when applicable. It is derived in the Communal Establishment Coding process which uses the entity code held in CESTRSS to find (ESTTYPE) on the OGSS Communal Establishment file.
Coding notes: For prior coding see INSTADE / INSTCDE / NHSHOCDE
1993 onwards:
01-82, 99, spaces
See Events Appendix 14
As given for the OGSS Communal Establishment file PNAABMyy, where yy = year of file.

Coding scheme

1NHS or NON NHS; General Hospital (including convalescent)
-8Not coded (before 19930000)
2NHS; Sanatoria
3NHS or NON NHS; Geriatric Hospital or Unit
4NHS or NON NHS; Chronic sick
5NHS or NON NHS; Psychiatric Hospital
6NHS; Psychiatric Unit
7NHS or NON NHS; Mental Hostel
8NHS or NON NHS; Mentally Handicapped-adults
9NHS or NON NHS; Mentally Handicapped-children
10NHS or NON NHS; Mental Nursing Home
11NHS or NON NHS; Psychiatric Hospital-Security
12NON NHS; Mental Holiday Home
13NON NHS; Mental Aftercare
14NON NHS; Mentally Infirm (Aged)
15NON NHS; Mental Rehabilitation
16NON NHS; School for Mentally Retarded Children
17NON NHS; Home for the Subnormal
18NHS; Maternity
18NON NHS; Maternity Hospital
19NON NHS; Military Hospital
20NON NHS; Private Nursing Home
21NHS; Medical Nursing Home
22NON NHS; Private Nursing Home (Aged)
23NON NHS; Drug Abuse Unit
24NON NHS; Holiday Home, Hostel
25NON NHS; Holiday Home, Hostel-children
26NON NHS; Miners Training Centre
27NON NHS; Nurses Training Centre
28NON NHS; Temporary Accomodation for those in need
29NON NHS; Training Ship
30NON NHS; Unmarried Mothers Home
31NON NHS; Weekend Training College
32NON NHS; Residential Home-Private
33NON NHS; Residential Home-Local Auth.
34NON NHS; Assessment Centre
35NON NHS; Boarding and Day School
36NON NHS; Community Home (for Adolescents)
37NON NHS; Common Lodging House
38NON NHS; Detention Centre
39NON NHS; Hostel-not otherwise stated
40NON NHS; Home for Disabled/Handicapped Persons(SCOPE)
41NON NHS; Hostel (Girls)
42NON NHS; Reception Centre
43NON NHS; Rehabilitation Centre
44NON NHS; University Hostel, College, Hall of Residence
45NON NHS; Home for the Blind (Aged)
46NON NHS; Approved School
47NON NHS; Home for the Blind
48NON NHS; Boarding School
49NON NHS; Borstal/Custody Centre
50NON NHS; Boarding School for the Blind
51NON NHS; Childrens Home
52NON NHS; Convent
53NON NHS; Deaf Home
54NON NHS; Deaf and Dumb Home
55NON NHS; Displaced Persons
56NON NHS; Disabled Persons Home
57NON NHS; Epileptic Home
58NON NHS; Hostel (Boys)
59NON NHS; Home of Rest
60NON NHS; Home for Disabled Ex Servicemen
61NON NHS; Homes for Incurables/Inebriates (Mainly Cheshire Homes)
62NON NHS; Junior Training Centre
63NON NHS; Lepers Homes
64NON NHS; Monastery
65NON NHS; Nurses Home
66NON NHS; Orphanage
67NON NHS; Prison
68NON NHS; Probation Hostel
69NON NHS; Residential Education Centre
70NON NHS; Remand Home
71NON NHS; Residential Nursery
72NON NHS; Religious Retreat
73NON NHS; Research Unit
74NON NHS; Students Hostel
75NON NHS; School for Handicapped Children
76NON NHS; Special School
77NON NHS; Training Centre/College
78NON NHS; Training Home
79NON NHS; Workers Hostel
80NON NHS; Welfare Institute
83NHS or NON NHS; Hospice
97NON NHS; Scottish Communal Establishment
98NON NHS; Abroad Communal Establishment
99NON NHS; Multi Function Site

Notes: Use in conjunction with NHSINDDE to differentiate between NHS/Non NHS establishments.
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Former name of variable:  
Derived: N
Derivation: Not available
Date range:  
Keyword: Communal
Comparable variables for other individuals:  
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Restricted: N
Data type: Text
Length of field: 2
Reference 1: Events Appendix 14