LS variable metadata
Variable: HELP0
Table: ME01
Short description: Carer. 2001.
Full description: This question records whether a person gives any help or support to family members, friends, neighbours or others because of long-term physical or mental ill-health or disability, or problems related to old age. The variable records the time spent in a typical week.
Coding notes:  

Coding scheme

1No care provided
21-19 hours
320-49 hours
450+ hours
-7Missing (initial extract only record)
-9No code required

Notes: There is no specific reference to whether this care is provided within the household or outside the household. Therefore, no explicit link can be created to infer that an individual providing care is providing it to a person within the household who has poor general health, or a limiting long term illness, disability or health problem.

A link to a paper considering the effects of editing on the distribution of this variable is available at
Units of measurement:  
Source: 2001 Census. Question 12.
Former name of variable:  
Derived: N
Derivation: Not available
Date range:  
Comparable variables for other individuals:  
Comparable variables for other times:  
Restricted: N
Data type: Numeric
Length of field: 2