LS variable metadata
Variable: HH91BAS9
Table: ME91
Short description: Number of persons usually resident in household -1991 Population Base. 1991.
Full description:  
Coding notes: 0 = Household with 0 persons (i.e. a visitor-only household)
1 - 49 = Number of persons
50 = 50 or more persons
-9 = Vacant (D-Type) household
Units of measurement:  
Source: 1991 Census. Household type and Question 7. Includes persons usually resident in LS member's household (and imputed members of wholly absent households) according to the 1991 Population Base For definitions see 1991 Census Appendix 20 For derivation see 1991 Census Algorithm Appendix 43
Former name of variable: HH91BASE
Derived: Y
Derivation: Not available
Date range:  
Keyword: Family
Comparable variables for other individuals:  
Comparable variables for other times:  
Restricted: N
Data type: Numeric
Length of field: 2
Reference 1: See LS Technical Volume (Hattersley and Creeser, 1995) pp. 303-305.
Reference 2: 1991 Census Algorithm Appendix 43
Reference 3: 1991 Census Appendix 20