LS variable metadata
Variable: HHIND8
Table: ME81
Short description: Industry of head of H/H. 1981.

Variable coded as: IND8
Table: ME81
Short description: Industry. 1981.
Full description:  
Coding notes: See 1981 Census Appendix 7.

Coding scheme

0Not stated
1Agriculture and Horticulture
4Deep Coal Mines
5Opencast coal working
6Manufacture of solid fuels
7Coke ovens
8Extraction of mineral oil and natural gas
9Mineral oil refining
10Other treatment of petroleum products (excluding petrochemicals manufacture)
11Nuclear fuel production
12Production and distribution of electricity
13Public gas supply
14Production and distribution of other forms of energy
15Water supply industry
16Extraction and preparation of metalliferous ores
17Iron and Steel industry (as defined in The European Coal and Steel Community Treaty of Paris 1951)
18Steel tubes
19Drawing and manufacture of steel wire and steel wire products
20Other drawing, cold rolling and cold forming of steel
21Aluminium and aluminium alloys
22Copper, brass and other copper alloys
23Other non-ferrous metals and their alloys
24Extraction of stone, clay, sand and gravel
25Salt extraction and refining
26Extraction of other minerals not elsewhere specified
27Structural clay products
28Cement, lime and plaster
29Ready mixed concrete
30Other building products of concrete, cement or plaster
31Asbestos goods
32Working of stone and other non-metallic minerals not elsewhere specified
33Abrasive products
34Flat glass
35Glass containers
36Other glass products
37Refractory goods
38Ceramic goods
39Inorganic chemicals except industrial gases
40Basic organic chemicals except specialised pharmaceutical chemicals
42Synthetic resins and plastic materials
43Synthetic rubber
44Dyestuffs and pigments
45Paints, varnishes and painters' fillings
46Printing ink
47Formulated adhesives and sealants
48Chemical treatment of oils and fats
49Essential oils and flavouring materials
51Miscellaneous chemical products for industrial use
52Formulated pesticides
53Adhesive film, cloth and foil
54Pharmaceutical products
55Soap and synthetic detergents
56Perfumes, cosmetics and toilet preparations
57Photographic materials and chemicals
58Chemical products not elsewhere specified
59Production of man-made fibres
60Ferrous metal foundries
61Non-ferrous metal foundries
62Forging, pressing and stamping
63Bolts, nuts, washers, rivets, springs and non-precision chains
64Heat and surface treatment of metals, including sintering
65Metal doors, windows etc
66Hand tools and implements
67Cutlery, spoons, forks and similar tableware: razors
68Metal storage vessels (mainly non-industrial)
69Packaging products of metal
70Domestic heating and cooking appliances (non-electrical)
71Metal furniture and safes
72Domestic and similar utensils of metal
73Finished metal products not elsewhere specified
74Fabricated constructional steelwork
75Boilers and process plant fabrications
76Agricultural machinery
77Wheeled tractors
78Metal-working machine tools
79Engineers small tools
80Textile machinery
81Food, drink and tobacco processing machinery; packaging and bottling machinery
82Chemical industry machinery; furnaces and kilns; gas, water and waste treatment plant
83Process engineering contractors
84Mining machinery
85Construction and earth moving equipment
86Mechanical lifting and handling equipment
87Precision chains and other mechanical power transmission equipment
88Ball, needle and roller bearings
89Machinery for working wood, rubber, plastics, leather and making paper, glass, bricks and similar materials; laundry and dry cleaning machinery
90Printing, bookbinding and paper goods machinery
91Internal combustion engines (except for road vehicles, wheeled tractors primarily for agricultural purposes and aircraft) and other prime movers
92Compressors and fluid power equipment
93Refrigerating machinery, space heating, ventilating and air conditioning equipment
94Scales, weighing machinery and portable power tools
95Other industrial and commercial machinery
97Industrial valves
98Mechanical, marine and precision engineering not elsewhere specified
99Ordnance, small arms and ammunition
100Office machinery
101Electronic data processing equipment
102Insulated wires and cables
103Basic electrical equipment
104Batteries and accumulators
105Alarms and signalling equipment
106Electrical equipment for motor vehicles, cycles and aircraft
108Telegraph and telephone apparatus and equipment
109Electrical instruments and control systems
110Radio and electronic capital goods
111Components other than active components, mainly for electronic equipment
112Gramophone records and pre-recorded tapes
113Active components and electronic sub-assemblies
114Electronic consumer goods and other electronic equipment not elsewhere specified
115Domestic-type electric appliances
116Electric lamps and other electric lighting equipment
117Electrical equipment installation
118Motor vehicles and their engines
119Motor vehicle bodies
120Trailers and semi-trailers
122Motor vehicle parts
123Shipbuilding and repairing
124Railway and tramway vehicles
125Motor cycles and parts
126Pedal cycles and parts
127Aerospace equipment manufacturing and repairing
128Other vehicles
129Measuring, checking and precision instruments and apparatus
130Medical and surgical equipment and orthopaedic appliances
131Spectacles and unmounted lenses
132Optical precision instruments
133Photographic and cinematographic equipment
134Clocks, watches and other timing devices
135Margarine and compound cooking fats
136Processing organic oils and fats (other than crude animal fat production)
138Bacon curing and meat processing
139Poultry slaughter and processing
140Animal by-product and processing
141Preparation of milk and milk products
142Processing of fruit and vegetables
143Fish processing
144Grain milling
146Bread and flour confectionery
147Biscuits and crispbread
148Sugar and sugar by-products
150Cocoa, chocolate and sugar confectionery
151Compound animal feeds
152Pet foods and non-compound animal feeds
153Miscellaneous foods
154Spirit distilling and compounding
155Wines, cider and perry
156Brewing and malting
157Soft drinks
158Tobacco industry
159Woollen and worsted industry
160Spinning and doubling on the cotton system
161Weaving of cotton, silk and man-made fibres
162Throwing, texturing, etc of continuous filament yarn
163Spinning and weaving of flax, hemp and ramie
164Jute and polypropylene yarns and fabrics
165Hosiery and other weft knitted goods and fabrics
166Warp knitted fabrics
167Textile finishing
168Pile carpets, carpeting and rugs
169Other carpets, carpeting, rugs and matting
171Rope, twine and net
172Narrow fabrics
173Other miscellaneous textiles
174Leather(tanning and dressing) and fellmongery
175Leather goods
177Weatherproof Outerwear
178Men's and boys' shirts, underwear and nightwear
179Women's and girl's tailored outerwear
180Work clothing and men's and boy's jeans
181Men's and boy's shirts, underwear and nightwear
182Women's and girls' light outerwear, lingerie and infants' wear
183Hats, caps and millinery
185Other dress industries
186Soft furnishings
187Canvas goods, sacks and other made-up textiles
188Household textiles
189Fur goods
190Sawmilling, planning, etc of wood
191Manufacture of semi-finished wood products and further processing and treatment of wood
192Builder's carpentry and joinery
193Wooden containers
194Other wooden articles (except furniture)
195Brushes and brooms
196Articles of cork and basketware, wickerwork and other plaiting materials
197Wooden and upholstered furniture
198Shop and office fitting
199Pulp, paper and board
200Wall covering
201Household and personal hygiene products of paper
203Packaging products of paper and pulp
204Packaging products of board
205Other paper and board products
206Printing and publishing of newspapers
207Printing and publishing of periodicals
208Printing and publishing of books
209Other printing and publishing
210Rubber tyres and inner tubes
211Other rubber products
212Retreading and specialist repairing of rubber tyres
213Plastic coated textile fabric
214Plastics semi-manufacturers
215Plastics floorcoverings
216Plastics building products
217Plastics packaging products
218Plastics products not elsewhere specified
219Jewellry and coins
220Musical instruments
221Photographic and cinematographic processing laboratories
222Toys and games
223Sports goods
224Miscellaneous stationer's goods
225Other manufacturers not elsewhere specified
227Wholesale distribution of motor vehicles and parts and accessories
228Remainder of wholesale distribution (except dealing in scrap and waste materials)
229Dealing in scrap and waste materials
230Commission agents
231Retail distribution of motor vehicles and parts. Filling stations (motor fuel and lubricants)
232Remainder of retail distribution
233Eating places supplying food for consumption on the premises
234Take away food shops
235Public houses and bars
236Night clubs and licensed clubs
237Canteens and messes
238Hotel trade
239Other tourist or short stay accommodation
240Repair and servicing of motor vehicles
241Repair of footwear and leather goods
242Repair of other consumer goods
244Scheduled road passenger transport and urban railways
245Other road passenger transport
246Road haulage
247Transport not elsewhere specified
248Sea transport
249Air transport
250Supporting services to inland transport
251Supporting services to sea transport
252Supporting services to air transport
253Miscellaneous transport services and storage not elsewhere specified
254Postal services
256Banking and bill-discounting
257Other financial institutions
258Insurance, except for compulsory social security
259Activities auxiliary to banking and finance
260Activities auxiliary to insurance
261House and estate agents
262Legal service
263Accountants, auditors, tax experts
264Professional and technical services not elsewhere specified
266Computer services
267Business services not elsewhere specified
268Central offices not allocable elsewhere
269Hiring out agricultural and horticultural equipment
270Hiring out construction machinery and equipment
271Hiring out office machinery and furniture
272Hiring out consumer goods
273Hiring out transport equipment
274Hiring out other movables
275Owning and dealing in real estate
276National government service not elsewhere specified
277Local government service not elsewhere specified
280Fire services
281National Defence
282Social Security
283Refuse disposal, street cleaning, fumigation etc
284Sewage disposal
285Cleaning services
286Higher education
287School Education (nursery, primary and secondary) - maintained
288School Education (nursery, primary and secondary) - non-maintained
289Education not elsewhere specified and vocational training
290Driving and flying schools
291Research and development
292Hospitals, nursing homes etc
293Other medical care institutions
294Medical practices
295Dental practices
296Agency and private midwives, nurses etc
297Veterinary practices and animal hospitals
298Social welfare, charitable and community services
299Trade unions, business and professional associations
300Religious organisations and similar associations
301Tourist offices and other community services
302Film production, distribution and exhibition
303Radio and television services, theatres etc
304Authors, music composers and other own account artists not elsewhere specified
305Libraries, museums, art galleries, etc
306Sport and other recreational services
308Dry cleaning and allied services
309Hairdressing and beauty parlours
310Personal services not elsewhere specified
311Domestic services
312Diplomatic representation, international organisations, allied armed forces
313Industry inadequately described
314Workplace outside UK
-9Not applicable

Units of measurement:  
Source: 1981 Census. Question 11.
Former name of variable:  
Derived: N
Derivation: Not available
Date range:  
Keyword: Occupation
Classification: SIC(80) 
Comparable variables for other individuals:  
Comparable variables for other times:  
Restricted: N
Data type: Numeric
Length of field: 3
Reference 1: See LS Technical Volume (Hattersley and Creeser, 1995) pp. 296-297
Reference 2: 1981 Census Appendix 7