LS variable metadata
Variable: HISCEN81
Table: CORE1
Short description: Present at 1981 Census indicator - LS member.
Full description:  
Coding notes:  

Coding scheme

-9Not Present at 1981 Census
1Present at 1981 Census

Notes: Where LS members had multiple enumerations of absent usually resident/visitor pairs, the primary record included in the members file was the visitor enumeration. Secondary and subsequent enumerations of LS members are held separately in an 'absent usually resident members' file.
Units of measurement:  
Source: Derived during reformat of 1981 Census data
Former name of variable:  
Derived: Y
Derivation: Not available
Date range:  
Keyword: Tracing
Comparable variables for other individuals:  
Comparable variables for other times: HISCEN71,HISCEN91,HISCEN01
Restricted: N
Data type: Numeric
Length of field: 2