LS variable metadata
Variable: HRYI8CC
Table: CANC
Short description: LS member's husband/father - industry (1981 onwards).
Full description:  
Coding notes: 1971-1981 (1st decade):
Blank. See HRYICC.
1981 onwards:
Numeric in range 000-990, 998, 999 (See CSO Standard Industrial Classification 1980)
998 = Inadequately described
999 = Place of work outside UK
-9 = Not stated
-5 = Not Known
Note: 1981-1987 - If occupation code is 350, 362 or 9-space then industry code will be Blank If occupation code is 360 then industry code will be 998 1988 onwards: If occupation code is 350, 360, 361, 362 or 9-space then industry code will be Blank
From 1993 onwards, field is optional - Identifies the industry of a patient's husband (if a patient is a married woman), or father, mother, guardian if patient is a child. Coded to 1980 Standard Industrial Classification.

Coding scheme

-9Not coded or Not stated
-5Not known

Units of measurement:  
Source: Cancer registration data collected by ONS through the National Cancer Registration Scheme.
Former name of variable:  
Derived: N
Derivation: Not available
Date range: From: 19810101  
Keyword: Occupation
Comparable variables for other individuals:  
Comparable variables for other times:  
Restricted: N
Data type: Text
Length of field: 3
Reference 1: See LS Technical Volume (Hattersley and Creeser, 1995) page 344 (shows cancer registration abstract), page 25, pp. 97-98, pp. 104-105 (comparability of data), page 125 and pp. 138-141 (data quality).