LS variable metadata
Variable: MEIND
Table: ME01
Short description: Multiple enumeration indicator keyed. 2001.
Full description: LS derived variable indicating type of multiple enumerations for this member
Coding notes:  

Coding scheme

0Not multiple
1Student enumerated at home and term time address
2Enumerated at home and in communal establishment
3Enumerated at 2 addresses one of which is address one year ago on other form.
4Child of separated parents enumerated with both parents at different addresses
5LS member enumerated twice on the same form
6Address enumerated twice.
8Secondary record
9Late-traced multiple

Units of measurement:  
Source: 2001 Census.
Former name of variable:  
Derived: Y
Derivation: Not available
Date range:  
Comparable variables for other individuals:  
Comparable variables for other times:  
Restricted: N
Data type: Numeric
Length of field: 2