LS variable metadata
Variable: MLC941WI
Table: WDOW
Short description: ICD9 cause code for 1st cause of death of spouse (deaths 1981 - 1986)
Full description:  
Coding notes: Deaths 1971-1981:
Not applicable, see MLC8A1WI
Deaths 1981 - 2 Dec 1986:
First three characters numeric= ICD9 cause of death code Fourth digit = 0-9, or '-' if cause does not have a 4th digit eg ICD9 code 006.3 is represented as '0063' and preceded by MLC9T1WI = '-' E826 would be shown as '826-' and preceded by MLC9T1WI = 'E'
Deaths 3 Dec 1986 - 31 Dec 1992:
Not applicable, see ORCAD3WI/ ORCADXWI
Deaths 1993 onwards:
Not applicable, see ICD91WI/ ICD9F1WI

Coding scheme

-8Not coded (before 19810405 or after 19870630)

Units of measurement:  
Source: Draft entry for deaths (Form 310): Question 8.
Former name of variable: MLCA41DWI, MLCA94nDWI, MLC94NWI
Derived: N
Derivation: Not available
Date range: From: 19810405 To: 19861202 
Keyword: Mortality
Comparable variables for other individuals:  
Comparable variables for other times:  
Restricted: N
Data type: Text
Length of field: 4
Reference 1: See LS Technical Volume (Hattersley and Creeser, 1995), page 342 (death registration draft entry form), pp. 24-25 and page 98 (general details), pp. 101-103 (comparability), pp. 136-137 (data quality).