LS variable metadata
Variable: NINDRES7
Table: NM71
Short description: Industry Research Workers. 1971

Variable coded as: INDRES7
Table: ME71
Short description: Industry Research Workers. 1971.
Full description:  
Coding notes:  

Coding scheme

-4Unempl tmp sick
-3Retired perm sick
-2Other inactive
-1Student or Child
0Farming and stock rearing
1Agriculture contracting
2Market gardening fruit flower and seedgrowing
5Coal mining
6Stone and slate quarrying and mining
7Chalk clay sand and gravel extraction
8Petroleum and natural gas
9Other mining and quarrying
10Grain milling
11Bread and flour confectionery
13Bacon curing meat and fish products
14Milk and milk products
16Cocoa chocolate and sugar confectionery
17Fruit and vegetable products
18Animal and poultry foods
19Vegetable and animal oils and fats
20Food industries not elsewhere specified
21Brewing and malting
22Soft drinks
23Other drink industries
25Coke ovens and manufactured fuel
26Mineral oil refining
27Lubricating oils and greases
28General chemicals
29Pharmaceuticals chemicals and preparations
30Toilet preparations
32Soap and detergents
33Synthetic resins and plastics materialsand synthetic
34Dyestuffs and pigments
36Other chemical industries
37Iron and steel general
38Steel tubes
39Iron castings etc
40Aluminium and aluminium alloys
41Copper brass and other copper alloys
42Other base metals
43Agricultural machinery except tractors
44Metal working machine tools
45Pumps valves and compressors
46Industrial engines
47Textile machinery and accessories
48Construction and earth moving equipment
49Mechanical handling equipment
50Office machinery
51Other machinery
52Industrial including process plantandsteelwork
53Ordnance and small arms
54Other mechanical engineering not elsewhere specified
55Photographic and document copying equipment
56Watches and clocks
57Surgical instruments and appliances
58Scientific and industrial instruments and systems
59Electrical machinery
60Insulated wires and cables
61Telegraph and telephone apparatus and equipment
62Radio and electronic components
63Broadcast receiving and sound reproducing equipment
64Electronic computers
65Radio radar and electronic capitalgoods
66Electric appliances primarily for domestic use
67Other electrical goods
68Shipbuilding and marine engineering
69Wheeled tractor manufacturing
70Motor vehicle manufacturing
71Motor cycle tricycle and pedal cycle manufacturing
72Aerospace equipment manufacturing and repairing
73Locomotives and railway track equipment
74Railway carriages and wagons and trams
75Engineer's small tools and gauges
76Hand tools and implements
77Cutlery spoons forks and plated tableware etc
78Bolts nuts screws rivets etc
79Wire and wire manufacture
80Cans and metal boxes
81Jewellry and precious metals
82Metal industries not elsewhere supplied
83Production of man made fibres
84Spinning and doubling on the cottonandflax systems
85Weaving of cotton linen and man made fibres
86Woollen and worsted
88Rope Twine and net
89Hosiery and other knitted goods
92Narrow fabrics
93Made up textiles
94Textile finishing
95Other textile industries
96Leather tanning and dressing and fellmongery
97Leather goods
99Weatherproof outerwear
100Men's and boys' tailored outerwear
101Women's and girls' tailored outerwear
102Overalls and men's shirts underwearetc
103Dresses lingerie infants wear etc
104Hats caps and millinery
105Dress industries not elsewhere specified
107Bricks fireclay and refractory goods
111Abrasives and building materials etc. not elsewhere
113Furniture and upholstery
114Bedding etc
115Shop and office fitting
116Wooden containers and baskets
117Miscellaneous wood and cork manufacturers
118Paper and board
119Packaging products of paper board and associated
120Manufactured stationery
121Manufactures of paper and board notelsewhere specified
122Printing publishing of newspapers
123Printing publishing of periodicals
124Other printing publishing bookbinding engraving etc.
126Linoleum plastics floor covering leather cloth etc
127Brushes brooms
128Toys games children's carriages andsports equipment
129Miscellaneous stationers' goods
130Plastics products not elsewhere specified
131Miscellaneous manufacturing industries
135Water supply
137Road Passenger Transport
138Road haulage contracting for general hire or reward
139Other road haulage
140Sea transport
141Port and inland water transport
142Air transport
143Postal services and telecommunications
144Miscellaneous transport services and storage
145Wholesale distribution of food anddrink
146Wholesale distribution of petroleumproducts
147Other wholesale distribution
148Retail distribution of food and drink
149Other retail distribution
150Dealing in coal oil builder's materialsgrain and
151Dealing in other industrial materials and machinery
153Banking and bill discounting
154Other financial institution
155Property owning and managing etc
156Advertising and market research
157Other business services
158Central offices not allocable elsewhere
159Accountancy Services
160Maintained primary and secondary schools
161Other primary and secondary schools
163Colleges of education
164Establishments for further education
165Educational administration
166Educational establishments not elsewhere specified
167Legal services
168Hospital and consultant services
169Local authority health services
170General medical services
171Dental services
173Religious organisations
174Research and development services
175Architects surveyors and consultingengineers
176Other scientific and technical services
177Professional and scientific organisations
178Veterinary surgery
180Cinemas theatres radio etc
181Sport and other recreations
182Betting and gambling
183Hotels and other residential establishments
184Restaurants cafes snack bars
185Public houses
187Catering contractors
188Hairdressing and manicure
189Private domestic service
191Dry Cleaning job dyeing carpet beatingetc
192Motor repairers distributors garages and filling
193Repair of boots and shoes
194Funeral services
196Welfare and charitable services
197Community service not elsewhere specified
198Service of commonwealth and foreigngovernments
199Trade associations
201Armed forces
202Defence departments civilian staffs
205Fire service
207Industry inadequately described
208Place of work outside UK
999Not applicable

Units of measurement:  
Source: 1971 Census. Question B15.
Former name of variable: INDRES
Derived: N
Derivation: Not available
Date range:  
Keyword: Occupation
Comparable variables for other individuals:  
Comparable variables for other times:  
Restricted: N
Data type: Numeric
Length of field: 2
Reference 1: See LS Technical Volume (Hattersley and Creeser, 1995) pp. 259-262.
Reference 2: 1971 Census Appendix 4