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Variable: NOCCC7
Table: NM71
Short description: Occupation - Census code. 1971

Variable coded as: OCCC7
Table: ME71
Short description: Occupation - Census code. 1971.
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Coding notes:  

Coding scheme

-3Retired perm sick
-2Other inactive
-1Student or Child
2Farmers farm managers market gardeners
3Agricultural workers nec
4Agricultural machinery drivers
5Gardeners and Groundsmen
6Foresters and woodmen
7Coal mine workers underground
8Coal mine workers above ground
9Workers below ground nec
10Surface workers nec mines and quarries
11Furnacemen coal gas and coke ovens
12Chemical production process workersnec
13Ceramic formers
14Glass formers finishers and decorators
15Furnacement kilnmen glass and ceramic
16Ceramics decorators and finishers
17Glass and ceramics production process workers nec
18Furnacemen metal
19Rolling tube mill operators metal drawers
20Moulders and coremakers foundry
21Smiths forgemen
22Metal making and treating workers nec
23Fettlers metal dressers
24Radio and radar mechanics
25Installers and repairmen telephone
26Linesmen cable jointers
28Electrical and electronic fitters
29Assemblers electrical and electronic
30Electrical engineers so described
31Foremen engineering and allied trades
32Apprentices engineering and allied trades
33Sheet metal workers
34Steel erectors riggers
35Metal plate workers riveters
36Gas electric welders cutters braziers
38Machine tool setters setter operators nec
39Machine tool operators
40Tool makers tool room fitters
41Motor mechanics auto engineers
42Maintenance fitters maintenance engineers
43Fitters nec machine erectors etc
44Electro platers dip platers and relatedworkers
45Plumbers gas fitters lead burners
46Pipe fitters heating engineers
47Press workers and stampers
48Metal workers nec
49Watch and chronometer makers and repairers
50Precision instrument makers and repairers
51Goldsmiths silversmiths jewellery makers
52Coach carriage wagon builders and repairers
53Inspectors metal and electrical goods
54Other metal making working jewelleryand
55Carpenters and joiners
56Cabinet makers
57Sawyers and wood working machinists
58Pattern makers
59Woodworkers nec
60Tanners leather fur dressers fellmongers
61Shoemakers and shoe repairers
62Cutters lasters sewers footwear andrelated
63Leather products makers nec
64Fibre preparers
65Spinners doublers twisters
66Winders reelers
67Warpers sizers drawerrs in
70Bleachers and finishers of textiles
71Dyers of textiles
72Textile fabrics and related productsmakers and
73Textile fabrics etc production process workers
74Tailors dress light clothing makers
75Upholsterers and related workers
76Hand and machine sewers and embroidererstextile and
77Clothing and related products makersnec
78Bakers and pastry cooks
79Butchers and meat cutters
80Brewers wine makers and related workers
81Food processors nec
82Tobacco preparers and products makers
83Makers of paper and paperboard
84Paper products makers
86Printing press operators
87Printers so described
88Printing workers nec
89Workers in rubber
90Workers in plastic
91Craftsmen nec
92Other production process workers
93Bricklayers tile setters
94Masons stone cutters slate workers
95Plasterers cement finishers terrazzoworkers
96Builders so described clerks of works
97Bricklayers etc labourers nec
98Construction workers nec
99Aerographers paint sprayers
100Painters decorators nec
101Coach painters so described
102Boiler firemen
103Crane operators slingers
104Operators of earth moving and otherconstruction
105Stationery engine materials handlingplant
106Railway lengthmen
107Chemical and allied trades
108Engineering and allied trades
109Foundries in engineering and alliedtrades
110Textiles not textile goods
111Coke ovens and gas works
112Glass and ceramics
113Building and contracting
115Deck engineering officers and pilotsship
116Deck and engineroom ratings barge and boatmen
117Aircraft pilots navigators and flight engineers
118Drivers motormen second men railwayengine
119Railway guards
120Drivers of buses coaches
121Drivers of other road passenger vehicles
122Drivers of road goods vehicles
123Inspectors supervisors transport
124Shunters pointsmen
125Signalmen and crossing keepers railways
126Traffic controllers and dispatcherstransport
127Telephone operators
128Telegraph and radio operators
129Postmen mailsorters
131Bus conductors
132Porters ticket collectors railway
133Stevedores dock labourers
134Lorry drivers mates van guards
135Workers in transport and communication occupations
136Warehousmen storekeepers and assistants
137Packers labellers and related workers
138Office managers nec
139Clerks cashiers
140Office machine operators
141Typists shorthand writers secretaries
142Civil service executive officers
143Proprietors and managers sales
144Shop salesmen and assistants
145Roundsmen bread milk laundry soft drinks
146Street vendors hawkers
147Garage proprietors
148Commercial travellers manufacturersagents
149Finance insurance brokers financialagents
150Salesmen services: valuers auctioneers
151Fire brigade officers and men
152Police officers and men
153Guards and related workers nec
154Publicans innkeepers
155Barmen barmaids
156Proprietors and managers boarding housesand hotels
157Housekeepers stewards matrons and housemothers
158Domestic housekeepers
160Waiters and Waitresses
161Canteen assistants counter hands
163Kitchen hands
164Maids valets and related service workersnec
165Caretakers office keepers
166Charwomen office cleaners window cleaners
167Hairdressers manicurists beauticians
168Launderers dry cleaners and pressers
169Athletes sportsmen and related workers
170Hospital or ward orderlies: ambulance men
171Proprietors and managers services sportsand
173Ministers of the crown MPs nec
174Local authortiy senior officers
175Managers in engineering and allied trades
176Managers in building and contracting
177Managers in mining and production nec
178Personnel managers
179Sales managers
180Managers nec
181Medical practitioners qualified
182Dental practitioners
185Radiographers medical and industrial
186Opthalmic and dispensing optician
189Occupation therapists
190Public health inspectors
191Medical workers nec
192University teachers
193Primary and secondary school teachers
194Teachers nec
195Civil structural municipal engineers
196Mechanical engineers
197Electrical engineers
198Electronic engineers
199Workstudy progress engineers
200Planning production engineers
201Engineers nec
203Technologists nec
205Physical and biological scientists
206Authors journalists and related workers
207Stage managers actors entertainers musicians
208Painters sculptors and related creativeartists
209Accountants professional
210Company secretaries and registrars
212Architects town planners
213Clergy ministers members of religious orders
214Judges barristers advocates solicitors
215Social welfare and related workers
216Officials of trades or professionalassociations
217Professional workers nec
219Laboratory assistants technicians
220Technical and related workers
221Armed Forces UK
222Armed Forces Commonwealth and Foreign
223Inadequately described occupations

Units of measurement:  
Source: 1971 Census. Question B16
Former name of variable: OCCC
Derived: N
Derivation: Not available
Date range:  
Keyword: Occupation
Classification: CO70 
Comparable variables for other individuals:  
Comparable variables for other times:  
Restricted: N
Data type: Numeric
Length of field: 3
Reference 1: See LS Technical Volume (Hattersley and Creeser, 1995) pp. 256-259, page 31, page 62.
Reference 2: 1971 Census Appendix 5