LS variable metadata
Variable: OCDC3HWI
Table: WDOW
Short description: Occupation of deceased spouse of LS member (1980/1990 classification)
Full description:  
Coding notes: 1971-1978:
Blank - Not applicable. See OCDC3FWI.
001-348, 349-350, 360-362
001-348, 349, 360-365
21/04/91 - 31/12/92:
001-478, 479, 491-496 See 1991 Census Appendix 9 491=Student 492=Independent means 493=Permanently sick 494=Full-time care of the home or dependent relative 495=No previous job (school leaver) 496=Not stated
1993 onwards:
Blank. See OCDC39WI.

Coding scheme

001General administrators - national government (Assistant Secretary level and above)
-8Not coded (before 19800101 or after 19910420)
002Production, works and maintenance managers, works foremen
003Managers in building and contracting
004Transport managers
005Stores controllers
006Managers in warehousing and materials handling nec
007Credit controllers
008Office managers nec
009Managers nec
010Local government officers (administrative and executive functions)
011Welfare occupations nec
012General administrators - national government (HEO to Senior Principal level)
013Technologists nec
014Production, works and maintenance managers, works foremen
015Managers in building and contracting
016Clerks of works
017Managers in mining and public utilities
018Financial managers
019Marketing and sales managers and executives
020Buyers and purchasing officers (not retail)
021Advertising and PR executives
022Personnel and industrial relations officers
023Vocational and industrial trainers
024O and M, work study and OR officers
025Systems analysts, computer programmers
026Office managers nec
027Company secretaries
028Professional workers and related supporting management and administration nec
029Credit controllers
030Office managers nec
031Civil service executive officers
032Office managers nec
033Transport managers
034Stores controllers
035Managers in warehousing and materials handling nec
036United Kingdom armed forces
037Foreign and Commonwealth armed forces
040Prison officers (chief officers and above)
041Inspectors (statutory and similar)
042Farmers, horticulturists, farm managers
043Managers nec
044Property and estate managers
045Garage proprietors
046Hairdressers, barbers
047Hotel and residential club managers
048Proprietors and managers, service flats, holiday flats, caravan sites, etc
049Managers nec
052Club stewards
053Managers nec
054Entertainment and sports managers
055Office managers nec
056Butchers, meat cutters
057Fishmongers, poultry dressers
058Literary, artistic and sports workers nec
059Other proprietors and managers (sales)
060Managers of laundry and dry cleaning receiving shops
061Officials of trade associations, trade unions, professional bodies and charities
062Professional workers and related supporting management and administration nec
063Managers nec
064Managers nec
065Chemical scientists
066Biological scientists, biochemists
067Physical and geological scientists,
068Physical and geological scientists, mathematicians
069Civil, structural, municipal, mining and quarrying engineers
070Mechanical and aeronautical engineers
071Electrical engineers
072Electronic engineers
073Systems analysts, computer programmers
074Electronic engineers
075Chemical engineers
076Industrial designers (not clothing)
077Design and development engineers (mechanical)
078Electrical engineers
079Electronic engineers
080Production engineers
081Planning and quality control engineers
082Inspectors (statutory and similar)
083Engineers nec
085Technologists nec
086Technical and related workers nec
087Medical practitioners
089Biological scientists, biochemists
090Ophthalmic and dispensing opticians
091Dental practitioners
093University academic staff
094Teachers in establishments for further and higher education
095Teachers in establishments for further and higher education
096Education officers, school inspectors
097Teachers nec
098Professional and related in education, welfare and health nec
099Teachers nec
100Teachers nec
101Professional and related in education, welfare and health nec
102Judges, barristers, advocates, solicitors
103Judges, barristers, advocates, solicitors
104Judges, barristers, advocates, solicitors
105Chartered and certified accountants
106Cost and works accountants
107Economists, statisticians, actuaries
108Management consultants
109Architects, town planners
110Architects, town planners
111Building, land and mining surveyors
112Librarians, information officers
113Professional workers and related supporting management and administration nec
114Social and behavioural scientists
115Social and behavioural scientists
116Clergy, ministers of religion
117Welfare occupations nec
118Laboratory technicians
119Engineering technicians, technician engineers
120Engineering technicians, technician engineers
121Architectural and town planning technicians
122Building and civil engineering technicians
123Technical and related workers nec
125Building inspectors
126Quantity surveyors
127Technical and related workers nec
128Systems analysts, computer programmers
129Air traffic planners and controllers
130Aircraft flight deck officers
131Deck, engineering and radio officers and pilots, ship
132Technical and related workers nec
133Nurse administrators, nurses
135Medical radiographers
138Ophthalmic and dispensing opticians
139Medical technicians, dental auxiliaries
140Social and behavioural scientists
141Therapists nec
142Environmental health officers
143Professional and related in education, welfare and health nec
144Legal service and related occupations
146Valuers, claims assessors
147Valuers, claims assessors
148Underwriters, brokers, investment analysts
149Taxation experts
150Personnel and industrial relations officers
151O and M, work study and OR officers
152Matrons, houseparents
153Welfare occupations nec
154Authors, writers, journalists
155Artists, commercial artists
157Industrial designers (not clothing)
158Clothing designers
159Actors, entertainers, singers, stage managers
161Photographers, cameramen
162Sound and vision equipment operators
163Professional sportsmen, sports officials
164Librarians, information officers
165Vocational and industrial trainers
166Professional and related in education, welfare and health nec
167Driving instructors (not HGV)
168Inspectors (statutory and similar)
169Inspectors (statutory and similar)
170Welfare occupations nec
171Professional workers and related supporting management and administration nec
172Technical and related workers nec
173Other clerks and cashiers (not retail)
174Other clerks and cashiers (not retail)
175Other clerks and cashiers (not retail)
176Other clerks and cashiers (not retail)
177Other clerks and cashiers (not retail)
178Other clerks and cashiers (not retail)
179Other clerks and cashiers (not retail)
180Other clerks and cashiers (not retail)
181Stores and despatch clerks
182Storekeepers, warehousemen
183Typists, shorthand writers, secretaries
184Typists, shorthand writers, secretaries
185Typists, shorthand writers, secretaries
186Managers' personal assistants
187Typists, shorthand writers, secretaries
189Telephonist receptionists
190Telephone operators
191Radio and telegraph operators
192Office machine operators
193Tracers, drawing office assistants
194Bricklayers, tile setters
195Masons, stone cutters
196Roofers, glaziers
198Roofers, glaziers
199Builders (so described)
200Scaffolders, stagers
202Construction workers nec
203Carpet fitters
204Other making and repairing - Clothing and related products
205Bricklayers, tile setters
206Construction workers nec
207Painters and decorators nec, french polishers
208Handymen, general building workers
209Press and machine tool setters
210Centre lathe turners
211Machine tool setter operators
212Machine tool operators
213Press and machine tool setters
214Machine tool setter operators
215Machine tool operators
216Press and machine tool setters
217Machine tool setter operators
218Machine tool operators
219Press and machine tool setters
220Machine tool setter operators
221Tool makers, tool fitters, markers-out
222Metal working production fitters and fitter/machinists
223Maintenance fitters (aircraft engines)
224Precision instrument makers and repairers
225Watch and chronometer makers and repairers
226Goldsmiths, silversmiths, precious stone workers
227Press and machine tool setters
228Machine tool setter operators
229Production fitters (electrical, electronic)
230Electricians, electrical maintenance fitters
231Electrical engineers (so described)
232Telephone fitters
233Cable jointers, linesmen
234Radio and TV mechanics
235Other electronic maintenance engineers
236Other electronic maintenance engineers
237Smiths, forgemen
238Moulders, coremakers, die casters
239Plumbers, heating and ventilating fitters, gas fitters
240Sheet metal workers
241Metal plate workers, shipwrights, riveters
242Steel erectors, benders, fixers
243Steel erectors, benders, fixers
245Motor mechanics, auto engineers
246Other motor drivers
247Coach and vehicle body builders
248Sheet metal workers
249Electricians, electrical maintenance fitters
250Other metal, jewellery, electrical production workers
253Warp preparers
254Bleachers, dyers, finishers
255Menders, darners
256Sewers, embroiderers
257Other making and repairing -
258Coach trimmers, upholsterers,
259Shoe repairers
260Leather cutters and sewers, footwear lasters, makers, finishers
261Other making and repairing - Leather
262Tailors, tailoresses, dressmakers
263Clothing cutters, milliners, furriers
264Other making and repairing - Clothing and clothing products
266Electrotypers, stereotypers, printing plate and cylinder preparers
267Printers (so described)
268Bookbinders and finishers
269Screen and block printers
270Other making and repairing - Paper goods and printing
271Engravers, etchers (printing)
272Carpenters, joiners
273Cabinet makers
274Case and box makers
275Pattern makers (moulds)
276Other making and repairing - Wood
277Bakers, flour confectioners
278Butchers, meat cutters
279Fishmongers, poultry dressers
280Glass formers and shapers, finishers, decorators
281Casters and other pottery makers
282Other making and repairing - Glass and ceramics
283Glass formers and shapers, finishers, decorators
284Other making and repairing - Glass and ceramics
285Pottery decorators
286Painting, assembling and related occupations nec
287Dental technicians
288Musical instrument makers, piano tuners
289Gardeners, groundsmen
290Horticultural workers
291Coach painters (so described)
292Other spray painters
293Face-trained coalmining workers
294Office machinery mechanics
295Other making and repairing - All other (excluding metal and electrical) nec
296Other metal, jewellery, electrical production workers
297Construction workers nec
298United Kingdom armed forces
299Foreign and Commonwealth armed forces
302Prison officers
303Inspectors (statutory and similar)
304Traffic wardens
305Security guards and officers, patrolmen, watchmen
306Security and protective service workers nec
307Chefs, cooks
308Waiters, waitresses
309Barmen, barmaids
310Travel stewards and attendants
311Railway stationmen
312Nurse administrators, nurses
313Hospital, ward orderlies
315Nurse administrators, nurses
316Hospital, ward orderlies
317Nursery nurses
318Playgroup leaders
319Other domestic and school helpers
320Other domestic and school helpers
321Service workers nec
322Hairdressers, barbers
323Service workers nec
324Domestic housekeepers
325Other domestic and school helpers
326Housekeepers (non-domestic)
328Launderers, dry cleaners, pressers
330Bookmakers, betting shop managers
331Literary, artistic and sports workers nec
332Service workers nec
333Buyers (retail trade)
334Buyers and purchasing officers (not retail)
335Importers, exporters, commodity brokers
336Importers, exporters, commodity brokers
337Sales representatives
338Sales representatives (property and services), other agents
339Shop salesmen and assistants
340Retail shop cashiers, check-out and cash and wrap operators
341Petrol pump, forecourt attendants
342Credit agents, collector salesmen
343Roundsmen, van salesmen
344Market and street traders and assistants
345Scrap dealers, general dealers, rag and bone merchants
346Literary, artistic and sports workers nec
347Shelf fillers
348Window dressers
349Literary, artistic and sports workers nec
350Other clerks and cashiers (not retail)
351Sales representatives (property and services), other agents
352Other material processing - Bakery and confectionery workers
353Brewery and vinery process workers
354Other material processing - Tobacco
355Other material processing - Food and drink nec
356Tannery production workers
357Preparatory fibre processors
358Spinners, doublers, twisters
359Winders, reelers
360Other material processing - Textiles
361Chemical, gas and petroleum
362Paper, paperboard and leatherboard workers
363Other material processing - Wood and paper
364Cutting and slitting machine operators (paper and paper products making)
365Other making and repairing - Paper goods and printing
366Glass and ceramics furnacemen, kilnsetters
367Rubber process workers, moulding machine operators, tyre builders
368Other making and repairing - Rubber
369Calender and extruding machine operators, moulders (plastics)
370Other making and repairing - Plastics
371Man-made fibre makers
372Other material processing - All other (excluding metal) nec
373Furnace operating occupations (metal)
374Metal drawers
376Annealers, hardeners, temperers (metal)
378Galvanizers, tin platers, dip platers
379Metal making and treating workers nec
380Machine tool operators
381Press, stamping and automatic machine operators
382Metal polishers
383Fettlers, dressers
384Shot blasters
385Electronics wiremen
386Coil winders
387Assemblers (electrical, electronic)
388Assemblers (vehicles and other metal goods)
389Instrument assemblers
390Assemblers in paper production, processing and printing
391Assemblers (plastics goods)
392Painting, assembling and related occupations nec
393Inspectors, viewers (metal, electrical goods)
394Inspectors, viewers, examiners - Textiles
395Inspectors, viewers, examiners - Food
396Inspectors, viewers, examiners - Rubber goods
397Inspectors, viewers, examiners - Plastics goods
398Inspectors, viewers, examiners - Woodwork
399Inspectors, sorters in paper production, processing and printing
400Packers, bottlers, canners, fillers
402Graders, sorters, selectors nec
403Laboratory assistants
404Painting, assembling and related occupations nec
405Bus inspectors
406Other foremen road transport
407Drivers of road goods vehicles
408Bus and coach drivers
409Other motor drivers
410Bus conductors
411Deck, engine-room hands, bargemen, lightermen, boatmen
412Other foremen rail transport
413Railway guards
414Drivers, motormen, secondmen, railway engines
415Signalmen and crossing keepers, railway
416Shunters, pointsmen
417Mechanical plant drivers, operators (earth moving and civil engineering)
418Crane drivers, operators
419Fork lift, mechanical truck drivers
420Workers in transport operating, materials moving and storing and related nec
421Washers, screeners and crushers in mines and quarries
422Printing machine minders and assistants
423Sewage plant attendants
424Boiler operators
425Plant operators and attendants nec
426Oilers, greasers, lubricators
427Mains and service layers, pipe jointers
428Handymen, general building workers
429Construction workers nec
430Sawyers, veneer cutters, woodworking machinists
431Miners (not coal), quarrymen, well drillers
432Other making and repairing - All other (excluding metal and electrical) nec
433Other metal, jewellery, electrical production workers
434Farm workers
435Agricultural machinery drivers, operators
436All other in farming and related
438Forestry workers
439Labourers and unskilled workers nec - Coal mines
440Labourers and unskilled workers nec - Foundries in engineering and allied trades
441Labourers and unskilled workers nec - Engineering and allied trades
442Other metal, jewellery, electrical production workers
443Labourers and unskilled workers nec - Textiles (not textile goods)
444Labourers and unskilled workers nec - Chemicals and allied trades
445Labourers and unskilled workers nec - Coke ovens and gas works
446Labourers and unskilled workers nec - Glass and ceramics
447Labourers and unskilled workers nec - Other
448Labourers and mates to woodworking craftsmen
449Craftsmen's mates
450Railway lengthmen
451Road surfacers, concreters
453Paviors, kerb layers
454Building and civil engineering labourers
455Construction workers nec
456Stevedores, dockers
457Goods porters
459Refuse collectors, dustmen
460Drivers' mates
461Postmen, mail sorters
463Travel stewards and attendants
464Hospital porters
465Hotel porters
466Kitchen porters, hands
467Counter hands, assistants
468Shelf fillers
469Lift and car park attendants
470Cleaners, window cleaners, chimney sweeps, road sweepers
471Cleaners, window cleaners, chimney sweeps, road sweepers
472Other domestic and school helpers
473Cleaners, window cleaners, chimney sweeps, road sweepers
474Service workers nec
475Labourers and unskilled workers nec - Other
476All others in miscellaneous occupations nec
477Hospital, ward orderlies
478Chemical, gas and petroleum process plant operators
479Inadequately described
480Occupation not stated

Units of measurement:  
Source: Draft entry for deaths (Form 310): Question 6
Former name of variable:  
Derived: N
Derivation: Not available
Date range: From: 19790101 To: 19921231 
Keyword: Occupation
Comparable variables for other individuals:  
Comparable variables for other times:  
Restricted: N
Data type: Text
Length of field: 3
Reference 1: See LS Technical Volume (Hattersley and Creeser, 1995), page 342 (death registration draft entry form), pp. 24-25 and page 98 (general details), pp. 101-103 (comparability), pp. 136-137 (data quality).
Reference 2: 1991 Census Appendix 9