LS variable metadata
Variable: OCSCGDIM
Table: IDMI
Short description: 1971-1981 Social class of working parent/husband at death of infant.
Full description:  
Coding notes: 1971-1978:
0 = I Professional etc occupations
1= II Intermediate occupations
2= III(N) Skilled occupations - non-manual
3= III(M) Skilled occupations - manual
4= IV Partly-skilled occupations
5= V Unskilled occupations
7= HM Forces
8= Inadequately described occupations
9 = Full-time students, independent means, no occupation or handicapped 1979-1992:
Blank - not coded. See OCSCHDIM (1979-92) for 'working parent/father' See OCSCDHIM (1983-92) for 'working parent/mother'
1993 onwards:
Blank - not coded. See OCSCD9IM (mother) or OCSCH9IM (father)
Units of measurement:  
Source: Draft entry for deaths (Form 310): Question 6.
Former name of variable:  
Derived: Y
Derivation: Not available
Date range: To: 19781231 
Keyword: Socio-economic
Comparable variables for other individuals:  
Comparable variables for other times:  
Restricted: N
Data type: Text
Length of field: 1
Reference 1: See LS Technical Volume (Hattersley and Creeser, 1995), page 343 (death registration draft entry form), page 25 and page 96 (general details), pp. 99-104 (comparability), pp. 141-145 (data quality).