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Variable: ROSERG0
Table: ME01
Short description: Social class based on occupations coded to SOC2000. 2001.
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Coding notes: Applicability: All people aged 16 to 74 who have ever worked.

Coding scheme

10I Professional occupations
20II Managerial and technical occupations
31IIIN Skilled non-manual occupations
32IIIM Skilled manual occupations
40IV Partly-skilled occupations
50V Unskilled occupations
60Armed forces
-9Not classified - occupation code or employment status not available
-8Impermissible combination of SOC2000 occupation and employment status code
-6Initial extract only record

Notes: Use OCCPIMP as imputation flag.
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Former name of variable:  
Derived: Y
Derivation: EMSPSZ0 - Employee status and company size. 2001.
OCCP0 - 2001 occupations coded to the Standard Occupational Classification 2000
Derivation created by David Rose and David Pevalin of the Institute for Social & Economic Research at Essex University. It was derived to produce the maximum continuity with Social Class based on Occupation (formerly known as Registrar General's Social Class) derived from SOC90.
For the web version of the derivation matrix see:
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Keyword: Socio-economic
Comparable variables for other individuals: (NM01)NSCLAS0
Comparable variables for other times: SOCS7, SOC8, SCLAS9
Restricted: N
Data type: Numeric
Length of field: 2