LS variable metadata
Variable: SOC900
Table: ME01
Short description: SOC90 code. 2001.
Full description: 2001 occupations coded to the Standard Occupational Classification 1990
Coding notes: 100-999. See 1991 Census Appendix 12.
The first digit of this three-digit code corresponds to these headings:
1 Managers and administrators
2 Professional occupations
3 Associate professional and technical occupations
4 Clerical and secretarial occupations
5 Craft and related occupations
6 Personal and protective service occupations
7 Sales occupations
8 Plant and machine operatives
9 Other occupations

Coding scheme

spaceNo Code
VVVInadequately described
YYYInadequately described
100General administrators; national government (Assistant Secretary/Grade 5 and above)
101General managers; large companies and organisations
102Local government officers (administrative and executive functions)
103General administrators; national government (HEO to Senior Principal/Grade 6)
110Production, works and maintenance managers
111Managers in building and contracting
112Clerks of works
113Managers in mining and energy industries
120Treasurers and company financial managers
121Marketing and sales managers
122Purchasing managers
123Advertising and public relations managers
124Personnel, training and industrial relations managers
125Organisation and methods and work study managers
126Computer systems and data processing managers
127Company secretaries
130Credit controllers
131Bank, building society and post office managers (except self-employed)
132Civil Service executive officers
139Other financial institution and office managers nec
140Transport managers
141Stores controllers
142Managers in warehousing and other materials handling
150Officers in United Kingdom armed forces
151Officers in foreign and Commonwealth armed forces
152Police officers (inspector and above)
153Fire service officers (station officer and above)
154Prison officers (principal officer and above)
155Customs and excise, immigration service officers (customs: chief preventive officer and above; excise: surveyor and above)
160Farm owners and managers, horticulturists
169Other managers in farming, horticulture, forestry and fishing nec
170Property and estate managers
171Garage managers and proprietors
172Hairdressers' and barbers' managers and proprietors
173Hotel and accommodation managers
174Restaurant and catering managers
175Publicans, innkeepers and club stewards
176Entertainment and sports managers
177Travel agency managers
178Managers and proprietors of butchers and fishmongers
179Managers and proprietors in service industries nec
190Officials of trade associations, trade unions, professional bodies and charities
191Registrars and administrators of educational establishments
199Other managers and administrators nec
201Biological scientists and biochemists
202Physicists, geologists and meteorologists
209Other natural scientists nec
210Civil, structural, municipal, mining and quarrying engineers
211Mechanical engineers
212Electrical engineers
213Electronic engineers
214Software engineers
215Chemical engineers
216Design and development engineers
217Process and production engineers
218Planning and quality control engineers
219Other engineers and technologists nec
220Medical practitioners
222Ophthalmic opticians
223Dental practitioners
230University and polytechnic teaching professionals
231Higher and further education teaching professionals
232Education officers, school inspectors
233Secondary (and middle school deemed secondary) education teaching professionals
234Primary (and middle school deemed primary) and nursery education teaching professionals
235Special education teaching professionals
239Other teaching professionals nec
240Judges and officers of the Court
241Barristers and advocates
250Chartered and certified accountants
251Management accountants
252Actuaries, economists and statisticians
253Management consultants, business analysts
261Town planners
262Building, land, mining and 'general practice' surveyors
271Archivists and curators
291Other social and behavioural scientists
293Social workers, probation officers
300Laboratory technicians
301Engineering technicians
302Electrical/electronic technicians
303Architectural and town planning technicians
304Building and civil engineering technicians
309Other scientific technicians nec
311Building inspectors
312Quantity surveyors
313Marine, insurance and other surveyors
320Computer analyst/programmers
330Air traffic planners and controllers
331Aircraft flight deck officers
332Ship and hovercraft officers
342Medical radiographers
345Dispensing opticians
346Medical technicians, dental auxiliaries
347Occupational and speech therapists, psychotherapists, therapists nec
348Environmental health officers
349Other health associate professionals nec
350Legal service and related occupations
360Estimators, valuers
361Underwriters, claims assessors, brokers, investment analysts
362Taxation experts
363Personnel and industrial relations officers
364Organisation and methods and work study officers
370Matrons, houseparents
371Welfare, community and youth workers
380Authors, writers, journalists
381Artists, commercial artists, graphic designers
382Industrial designers
383Clothing designers
384Actors, entertainers, stage managers, producers and directors
386Photographers, camera, sound and video equipment operators
387Professional athletes, sports officials
390Information officers
391Vocational and industrial trainers
392Careers advisers and vocational guidance specialists
393Driving instructors (excluding HGV)
394Inspectors of factories, utilities and trading standards
395Other statutory and similar inspectors nec
396Occupational hygienists and safety officers (health and safety)
399Other associate professional and technical occupations nec
400Civil Service administrative officers and assistants
401Local government clerical officers and assistants
410Accounts and wages clerks, book-keepers, other financial clerks
411Counter clerks and cashiers
412Debt, rent and other cash collectors
420Filing, computer and other records clerks (including legal conveyancing)
421Library assistants/clerks
430Clerks (not otherwise specified)
440Stores, despatch and production control clerks
441Storekeepers and warehousemen/women
450Medical secretaries
451Legal secretaries
452Typists and word processor operators
459Other secretaries, personal assistants, typists, word processor operators nec
462Telephone operators
463Radio and telegraph operators, other office communication system operators
490Computer operators, data processing operators, other office machine operators
491Tracers, drawing office assistants
500Bricklayers, masons
501Roofers, slaters, tilers, sheeters, cladders
504Builders, building contractors
505Scaffolders, stagers, steeplejacks, riggers
506Floorers, floor coverers, carpet fitters and planners, floor and wall tilers
507Painters and decorators
509Other construction trades nec
510Centre, capstan, turret and other lathe setters and setter-operators
511Boring and drilling machine setters and setter-operators
512Grinding machine setters and setter-operators
513Milling machine setters and setter-operators
514Press setters and setter-operators
515Tool makers, tool fitters and markers-out
516Metal working production and maintenance fitters
517Precision instrument makers and repairers
518Goldsmiths, silversmiths, precious stone workers
519Other machine tool setters and setter-operators nec (including CNC setter-operators)
520Production fitters (electrical/electronic)
521Electricians, electrical maintenance fitters
522Electrical engineers (not professional)
523Telephone fitters
524Cable jointers, lines repairers
525Radio, TV and video engineers
526Computer engineers, installation and maintenance
529Other electrical/electronic trades nec
530Smiths and forge workers
531Moulders, core makers, die casters
532Plumbers, heating and ventilating engineers and related trades
533Sheet metal workers
534Metal plate workers, shipwrights, riveters
535Steel erectors
536Barbenders, steel fixers
537Welding trades
540Motor mechanics, auto engineers (including road patrol engineers)
541Coach and vehicle body builders
542Vehicle body repairers, panel beaters
543Auto electricians
544Tyre and exhaust fitters
552Warp preparers, bleachers, dyers and finishers
553Sewing machinists, menders, darners and embroiderers
554Coach trimmers, upholsterers and mattress makers
555Shoe repairers, leather cutters and sewers, footwear lasters, makers and finishers, other leather making and repairing
556Tailors and dressmakers
557Clothing cutters, milliners, furriers
559Other textiles, garments and related trades nec
560Originators, compositors and print preparers
562Bookbinders and print finishers
563Screen printers
569Other printing and related trades nec
570Carpenters and joiners
571Cabinet makers
572Case and box makers
573Pattern makers (moulds)
579Other woodworking trades nec
580Bakers, flour confectioners
581Butchers, meat cutters
582Fishmongers, poultry dressers
590Glass product and ceramics makers
591Glass product and ceramics finishers and decorators
592Dental technicians
593Musical instrument makers, piano tuners
594Gardeners, groundsmen/groundswomen
595Horticultural trades
596Coach painters, other spray painters
597Face trained coalmining workers, shotfirers and deputies
598Office machinery mechanics
599Other craft and related occupations nec
600NCOs and other ranks, United Kingdom armed forces
601NCOs and other ranks, foreign and Commonwealth armed forces
610Police officers (sergeant and below)
611Fire service officers (leading fire officer and below)
612Prison service officers (below principal officer)
613Customs and excise officers, immigration officers (customs: below chief preventive officer; excise: below surveyor)
614Traffic wardens
615Security guards and related occupations
619Other security and protective service occupations nec
620Chefs, cooks
621Waiters, waitresses
622Bar staff
630Travel and flight attendants
631Railway station staff
640Assistant nurses, nursing auxiliaries
641Hospital ward assistants
642Ambulance staff
643Dental nurses
644Care assistants and attendants
650Nursery nurses
651Playgroup leaders
652Educational assistants
659Other childcare and related occupations nec
660Hairdressers, barbers
661Beauticians and related occupations
670Domestic housekeepers and related occupations
671Housekeepers (non-domestic)
673Launderers, dry cleaners, pressers
699Other personal and protective service occupations nec
700Buyers (retail trade)
701Buyers and purchasing officers (not retail)
702Importers and exporters
703Air, commodity and ship brokers
710Technical and wholesale sales representatives
719Other sales representatives nec
720Sales assistants
721Retail cash desk and check-out operators
722Petrol pump forecourt attendants
730Collector salespersons and credit agents
731Roundsmen/women and van salespersons
732Market and street traders and assistants
733Scrap dealers, scrap metal merchants
791Window dressers, floral arrangers
792Telephone salespersons
800Bakery and confectionery process operatives
801Brewery and vinery process operatives
802Tobacco process operatives
809Other food, drink and tobacco process operatives nec
810Tannery production operatives
811Preparatory fibre processors
812Spinners, doublers, twisters
813Winders, reelers
814Other textiles processing operatives
820Chemical, gas and petroleum process plant operatives
821Paper, wood and related process plant operatives
822Cutting and slitting machine operatives (paper products etc)
823Glass and ceramics furnace operatives, kilnsetters
824Rubber process operatives, moulding machine operatives, tyre builders
825Plastics process operatives, moulders and extruders
826Synthetic fibre makers
829Other chemicals, paper, plastics and related process operatives nec
830Furnace operatives (metal)
831Metal drawers
833Annealers, hardeners, temperers (metal)
834Electroplaters, galvanisers, colour coaters
839Other metal making and treating process operatives nec
840Machine tool operatives (including CNC machine tool operatives)
841Press stamping and automatic machine operatives
842Metal polishers
843Metal dressing operatives
844Shot blasters
850Assemblers/lineworkers (electrical/electronic goods)
851Assemblers/lineworkers (vehicles and other metal goods)
859Other assemblers/lineworkers nec
860Inspectors, viewers and testers (metal and electrical goods)
861Inspectors, viewers, testers and examiners (other manufactured goods)
862Packers, bottlers, canners, fillers
863Weighers, graders, sorters
864Routine laboratory testers
869Other routine process operatives nec
870Bus inspectors
871Road transport depot inspectors and related occupations
872Drivers of road goods vehicles
873Bus and coach drivers
874Taxi, cab drivers and chauffeurs
875Bus conductors
880Seafarers (merchant navy); barge, lighter and boat operatives
881Rail transport inspectors, supervisors and guards
882Rail engine drivers and assistants
883Rail signal operatives and crossing keepers
884Shunters and points operatives
885Mechanical plant drivers and operatives (earth moving and civil engineering)
886Crane drivers
887Fork lift and mechanical truck drivers
889Other transport and machinery operatives nec
890Washers, screeners and crushers in mines and quarries
891Printing machine minders and assistants
892Water and sewerage plant attendants
893Electrical, energy, boiler and related plant operatives and attendants
894Oilers, greasers, lubricators
895Mains and service pipe layers, pipe jointers
896Construction and related operatives
897Woodworking machine operatives
898Mine (excluding coal) and quarry workers
899Other plant and machine operatives nec
900Farm workers
901Agricultural machinery drivers and operatives
902All other occupations in farming and related
903Fishing and related workers
904Forestry workers
910Coal mine labourers
911Labourers in foundries
912Labourers in engineering and allied trades
913Mates to metal/electrical and related fitters
919Other labourers in making and processing industries nec
920Mates to woodworking trades workers
921Mates to building trades workers
922Rail construction and maintenance workers
923Road construction and maintenance workers
924Paviors, kerb layers
929Other building and civil engineering labourers nec
930Stevedores, dockers
931Goods porters
933Refuse and salvage collectors
934Driver's mates
940Postal workers, mail sorters
941Messengers, couriers
950Hospital porters
951Hotel porters
952Kitchen porters, hands
953Counterhands, catering assistants
954Shelf fillers
955Lift and car park attendants
956Window cleaners
957Road sweepers
958Cleaners, domestics
959Other occupations in sales and services nec
990All other labourers and related workers
999All others in miscellaneous occupations nec

Notes: See SOC9M0 for coding method.
Units of measurement:  
Source: 2001 Census (LS)
Former name of variable:  
Derived: Y
Derivation: Not available
Date range:  
Keyword: Occupation
Comparable variables for other individuals: SOC9MO,NSOC900
Comparable variables for other times: SOC909
Restricted: N
Data type: Text
Length of field: 3
Reference 1: 1991 Census Appendix 12