Classification: CO80
Short name: CO80
Full name: Classification of Occupations 1980
General description: The 1980 Classification of Occupations groups jobs according to the kind of work done and the nature of the operation performed (1980: vi) . It is based on the Department of Employment’s ‘Classification of Occupations and Directory of Occupational Titles’ (CODOT). The groups in CODOT's Key Occupations for Statistical Purposes (KOS) have been aggregated into condensed KOS. CO80 comprises occupation groups under condensed KOS headings which are grouped into orders. Some occupation groups identify foremen separately from their workers.
LS description: For historical reasons, ONS uses two different versions of occupation, and employment status. One is used in census processing and the other for the collection of event information (births, cancers, deaths) statistics.
1981 LS occupation variables contain the 'operational code' of the occupational unit group. This is the single-level 3-digit code which corresponds with the occupation group. For example, operational occupation codes 001, 002, 003 etc correspond to occupations 001.00, 002.01, 002.02 etc. (though this one to one correspondence does not continue). See CO80 Appendix G for the relationship between operational codes and occupational groups.
The LS 'census' occupational unit group (OPOCC8) takes values in the range 001-351. The 'statistics' variable (OPOCCST8) has additional codes:
360 = Student, at college, university - over 16 years of age
361 = Independent means, private means
362 = Physically or mentally handicapped
The other difference in coding of unit group is that for the statistics variable, the 'census' code of 351 (Midwives) is incorporated into the code 043 (Nurse administrators, nurses)
The codes for LS occupational order (OCO8) are based on the 'statistics' codes and are similar to, but not in exact correspondence with, the orders in the 1980 Classification.
Between the 1971 and 1981 Censuses the school leaving age was raised to 16, which became the lower age limit for questions on employment at 1981.
Mnemonic: CO80
Keyword: Occupation
Start date: Census 1981
References: Classification of Occupations 1980, London: Her Majesty’s Stationery Office
Hattersley, Lin and Rosemary Creeser (1995) Longitudinal Study 1971-1991 History, organisation and quality of data. London: OPCS ‘Appendix V 1981 Census: definitions and concepts (reproduced from Census 1981, Definitions, Great Britain)’ pp 295-296, 39, 62-63
Equivalent classifications: SOC2000 (Census 2001)
SOC90 (Census 1991)
CO70 (Census 1971)