Classification: COB01
Short name: COB01
Full name: Country of Birth 2001
General description: In 2001, census country of birth was coded using the ONS Geography Classification of Countries (OGCC), also used in ONS corporate outputs.
OGCC groups countries according to geography rather than politics.
For example, the countries which made up the Old Commonwealth in previous Censuses (Australia, New Zealand and Canada) are categorised according to their continent in 2001: Canada is classified as North America, Australia and New Zealand are classified as Oceania. Another example is that the Canary Islands are classified as North Africa rather than Europe, even though Spanish.
LS description:
Keyword: Cultural
Start date: Census 2001
Equivalent classifications: COB71 (Census 1971)
COBC91 (Census 1991)
COBFM71 (Census 1971)
COBVS91 (Census 1991)
COB81 (Census 1981)