Classification: COB71
Short name: COB71
Full name: Country of Birth 1971
General description: Classification of country of birth in the census used the Commonwealth as the schema for countries outside the United Kingdom until 2001.
Foreign countries are all countries outside the United Kingdom, Irish Republic (including Ireland, part not stated), Old commonwealth and New Commonwealth. This includes South America, the USSR, Turkey and countries outside the Commonwealth in Africa and Asia. In 1971, the New Commonwealth included Pakistan but in 1981 Pakistan was technically separate from the New Commonwealth although it was often grouped with the New Commonwealth in Census tables.
In addition, the way in which the United Kingdom is classified varies at each census. In 1971, the United Kingdom included Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man as well as England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Guernsey included all Channel Islands other than Jersey.
LS description: The LS variable consists of the Country of Birth code prefixed by '99'
The ethnic origin variable, ethor7, is derived on the basis of own and parentsí country of birth. The variable is only available for people enumerated at the 1971 Census who were traced at NHSCR
For further description of derivation see Hattersley and Creeser (1995: 30) .
Keyword: Cultural
Start date: Census 1971
References: Hattersley, Lin and Rosemary Creeser (1995) Longitudinal Study 1971-1991: History Quality and Organisation of the data. London: HMSO.
Equivalent classifications: COBC91 (Census 1991)
COB01 (Census 2001)
COB81 (Census 1981)
COBVS91 (Census 1991)