Classification: ECONPOS01
Short name: ECONPOS01
Full name: Economic Position (Economic Activity) 2001
General description: Classification of economic position distinguishes primarily between the economically active and the economically inactive according to whether a person is or is not a member of the labour force at some reference in time. It applies to people aged 16 to 74.
The classification is based on the International Labour Organisation (ILO) definition of economic activity and is an ONS harmonised survey classification.
In 2001, unlike 1991, economically active full-time students were categorised separately from the rest of the economically active population.
LS description:
Keyword: Employment
Start date: Census 2001
Equivalent classifications: ECONPOS91 (Census 1991)
ECONPOS81 (Census 1981)
ECONPOS71 (Census 1971)