Classification: ECONPOS81
Short name: ECONPOS81
Full name: Economic Position (Economic Activity) 1981
General description: Classification of economic position distinguishes primarily between the economically active and the economically inactive according to whether a person is or is not a member of the labour force at some reference in time.
There are further distinctions within these two broad categories, which attempt to identify mutually exclusive groups according to their position in the labour force or employment status.
Revision of the classification for the 1981 Census incorporated three categories in the persons out of employment subdivision to distinguish between persons waiting to take up a job already accepted and persons seeking work who were grouped together as ‘others’ in 1971. The 1981 form of the classification also includes an additional category for housewives.
Finally in 1971 and 1981 students were treated as economically inactive. In 1991 students could be counted as economically active if they had a job.
LS description: In 1981, students were classified as economically inactive, whether or not they were working.
The general description of the classification refers to the Census form of the classifcation. Statistics variables differs in that the classifcation of students changes in order to take account of the changing status of students in employment with
Keyword: Employment
Start date: Census 1981
Equivalent classifications: ECONPOS01 (Census 2001)
ECONPOS71 (Census 1971)
ECONPOS91 (Census 1991)