Classification: EMPST71
Short name: EMPST71
Full name: Employment Status 1971
General description: Employment status refers to the relationship of a person doing a job to the means of production (i.e. employer, self employed or employee) and also for an employee to his or her seniority in the workplace e.g. apprentice or manager.
LS description: ONS uses the Census classification in census processing, and Statistics classification for the collection of event information (births, cancers, deaths) statistics.
The LS census and statistics form of the variable differ in the way in which students and apprentices are treated. The 1971 census version distinguishes apprentices and articled trainees from employees. The statistics form has separate categories for people with no current occupation who are students, the permanently sick or disabled and housewives.
Keyword: Employment
Start date: Census 1971
Equivalent classifications: EMPST01
EMPST81 (Census 1981)
EMPST91 (Census 1991)