Classification: EMPST91
Short name: EMPST91
Full name: Employment Status 1991
General description: Employment status refers to a personís relationship to the means of production in employment; that is, whether an individual is an employee, an employer, or self-employed. For an employee, employment status also describes a personís seniority in the workplace such as apprentice or manager. In other words, employment status describes a job-holderís condition of employment. There was no 'apprentice or articled trainee' category in 1991, unlike 1971 and 1981.
LS description:
Keyword: Employment
Start date: Census 1991
Equivalent classifications: EMPSTC81 (Census 1981)
EMPSTS81 (Census 1981)
EMPST01 (Census 2001)
EMPSTS71 (Census 1971)
EMPSTC71 (Census 1971)