Classification: GOLD80
Short name: GOLD80
Full name: Goldthorpe Class 1980
General description: The Goldthorpe Class schema measures employment relations which are aspects of work and market situation, and of labour market contract. It distinguishes between three types of employment relationship as defined by social relationships in the work place: ‘service relationship’, ‘labour contract’ and intermediate forms of employment regulation,
Employment relations relate to three broad classes:
- service class
- intermediate class
- working class.
The original Goldthorpe schema has been refined by subdividing three of the original 7 classes (used in the 1970 schema) to generate an 11-point class schema. The refined schema includes more differentiation between groups in the intermediate and working classes.
For cross-cultural comparison, Goldthorpe (1987) suggests combing classes I and II.
LS description: Where LS data for either occupation or employment status is not available, the value 0 has been allocated.
Keyword: Socio-economic
Start date: Census 1981
References: Goldthorpe, J.H and C Llewellyn (1987) The Social Grading of Occupations, Oxford Studies in Mobility. Oxford University Press.
Equivalent classifications: GOLD70 (Census 1971)