Classification: LEVQUAL81
Short name: LEVQUAL81
Full name: Level of Qualification 1981
General description: Level of qualification is a person-level variable where qualifications obtained are categorised into three levels: a, b and c, where a is the highest.
Qualification information entered on the census form was checked against a list of higher qualifications compiled by the Department for Education and Science, Scottish Education Department and Census Offices in order to categorise the qualification into one of the following groups:
a) Higher degrees of UK standard
b) First degrees and all other qualifications of first degree standard
c) Qualifications that are: (i) generally obtained at 18 and over, (ii) above GCE A level standard: and (iii) below UK first degree level
In 1981, this division according to level of qualification is also referred to as educational attainment.
LS description:
Keyword: Education
Start date: Census 1981
Equivalent classifications: LEVQUAL91 (Census 1991)
LEVQUAL71 (Census 1971)
LEVQUAL01 (Census 2001)