Classification: MHU91
Short name: MHU91
Full name: Minimal Household Unit classifications 1991
General description: Additions to the 1984 Minimal Household Unit (MHU) classifications in 1991 reflect the additional 'Cohabitation' category in the 1991 Census 'relationship in household' question. (In 1971 and 1981 couples who were living together were not counted as married unless they described themselves as such).
LS description: For each of the three MHU variables there are additional categories in the 1991 classifications to distinguish cohabiting couples from married ones.
It is possible to make MHU variables for 1991 compatible with those of 1971 and 1981. For example, a 'cohabiting couple with dependent children' in 1991 would be classed as 2 different MHUs in 1981 - a 'one-parent family' and a 'non-married individual'. However, it is not possible to make 1971 and 1981 variables compatible with 1991.
Keyword: Household
Start date: Census 1991
References: Overton E and Ermisch J. (1984) Minimal household units. Population Trends No. 35 Spring 1984 pp 18-22 (HMSO)
LS Update article Notes on using the 1991 Census household
variables, Issue no. 10, February 1995, pp. 11-14
Equivalent classifications: MHU81 (Census 1981)